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Summer Camps

Each August Bisons host two, 1-week long training camps. An annual program designed for novice to experienced competitive swimmers who are 11-17 years of age. The emphasis will be on the development of increased training capacities and the development of stroke-specific competition skills. Camp includes a dryland components.

Coach: Dillon Perron

Dillon Perron is a former national-level swimmer and is currently a Junior Bison and Assistant Varsity Coach with the University of Manitoba Bisons. Dillon has been coaching swimming since 2014 and has worked with athletes ranging from Learn to Swim to Olympians. Dillon has an aptitude for technical development and enjoys teaching swimmers how to swim more efficiently to increase overall performance.

First week (Week 7):

Aug 15th – 19th

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (2 hour swim, 1 hour dryland)


Second Week (Week 8):

Aug 22nd – 26th

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (2 hour swim, 1 hour dryland)


If you would like to register your swimmer(s) for one of the camp weeks (or both), click this link:


Scroll down to week 7 and/or 8, then select "Camp Swimming" click "Search", then scroll to the program title "Junior Bisons Swim Development Camp" and add it to your cart.

Contact for more information:

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