Mandatory Fundraising


Bison-a-thon - this is the teams major fundraiser for the year

  • Bison-a-thon date will be set in September of each year

  • All donations of $10 or more are tax deductible and will be sent to the donor from University of Manitoba

  • Please request donation/sponsorship for the "swim"  so funds can be collected at the time of contact with the sponsor/donor

    • Swimmers will swim non-stop for one hour to test their endurance​

  • No compensation or benefit may be received by the donor

  • Sponsor form here



  • Approximately 2 Bingos per month

  • Bingo assignments for UMAN are made by Swim Manitoba

  • A rotation of families will be in alphabetical order for each member based on number of swimmers in the program. There will be a $100 penalty assessed per missed Bingo as well the member shall be assigned to work additional Bingos in a row (in addition to  already assigned Bingo).

  • more bingo info

Use of Mandatory Fundraising Funds

  • Primary use is to over coaching travel expenses to competitions

  • Any surplus funds will be used on team activities as set out by staff