UMAN members will be responsible for the following costs of programming

  • Annual Membership Fees and Annual Swimming Canada/Swim Manitoba Competitive Registration Fees

  • Cost of competitions  - meet fees and related travel costs

  • Equipment  - training and uniforms


Mandatory fundraising

  • 1. Bison-a-thon  - this is the team's major fundraise for the year ($100.00 minimum)

  • 2. Bingo - A rotation of families will be in alphabetical order for each member based on number of swimmers in the program. There will be a $100 penalty assessed per missed Bingo as well the member shall be assigned to work additional Bingos in a row (in addition to  already assigned Bingo).


Financial procedures
All costs will be debited to swimmers account at the customer service desk and each member will be responsible for payment prior to start of the season/activity.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to inform (by e-mail) their child's coach of their intent NOT to compete in a given competition

  • Parents must inform the coach (by e-mail) 2 months prior to out of town competition and 2 weeks prior to the 1st day of local competition and all related costs will be passed onto the parent after the deadline (competition schedule listed on team website).

Fee schedule

  • All fees are outlined in the registartion form. Please contact the office if you require a copy of the fee schedule.


  • see fundraising section


The success of competitive swimming in Manitoba is dependent on the hard work of professionals and also on the help of many volunteers (primarily parents). University of Manitoba Bison Swim Team frequently assists with all aspects of competitive swimming. We encourage all our members to get involved as volunteers:


Officiating, board members (SNM or UMAN), fundraising, social coordinator, assistance with club operationsjust ask where you can help and we will gladly give you a job. Thank you!