Junior Development – This is a 6 day group running Monday-Saturday. Monday-Friday 5-6pm plus 30 minute dryland on Monday and Wednesday’s following the swim. Saturday is 7-9:15am (Swim and Dryland). The goal of this group is continuing to develop skills in all strokes as well as preparing the athletes for the transition to the next group or other opportunities. This group has two components – Junior Development A (JDA) – Full 6 day a week schedule with swimming being their primary sport focus and Junior Development B (JDB), which will be a reduced practice schedule to allow athletes to pursue additional sports at a high level, while still being able to swim and compete. The JDB section may not be offered for the 2017-18 season due to space limitations, example if there are 15 swimmers registered for JDA, the JDB option may not be offered.  Going forward to be able to transition to Junior Bison’s 1, athletes will need to be part of JDA. 

Lead Coach: Dillon Perron



Annual Competitive program designed for swimmers who train in the Mini Bison Program and who wish to compete in external competitions. Swimmers will be indentified for this program from our Mini Bison Program. Registration is for the full competetive season, and they follow the Mini Bison training program (please see below for a more detailed description of the Mini Bison Program).  

Pre-requisite: Swimmers entering the Bison Racers will be identified from Mini Bisons.
For up to date information and registartion please contact Craig McCormick.


Dillon Perron and Gio Wickett





10 week (fall, winter and spring) program designed for swimmers 12 years of age or younger. The programs focus is on the development of speed swimming fundamentals in all four strokes. Swimmers will progress from the basics freestyle and backstroke strokes to more complex breaststroke and butterfly strokes based on their speed of skill and fitness acquisition.


Each 10 week program will end with an exciting swim meet.
Pre-requisite: Swimmers entering the Mini Bisons program should have the ability to swim one length of the pool comfortably and be 6 years of age or older.

Lead Coach
Dillon Perron